Monday, September 8, 2008


We've had a busy few weeks lately with both of the older kids starting school and the babies turning one... its been a while since I've blogged on here and I've got a lot of new pictures to post. I'm going to do one slide of just some fun pics I've taken lately of the kids and then one of some of the projects Daniel has been doing around the house. He recently made our fish pond bigger, as one of our koi had three babies and since they grow so large, we thought it was important to give them all the room they'd need. Also, for the last few days we've been working in the kids bathroom to turn it from cartoonish jungle animals to something that would be nicer for guest at our home. Surprisingly the kids like it better now, too! Ava has been trying to walk some lately, and has figured out how to stand herself up from the floor without pulling up on things. Brody is now deciding that he can let go of things and stand for a moment before he sits down. They both got riding toys for their birthday, and the funniest thing is to watch them push each other around- I love that they play together already! Adam is doing great in Pre-K and we just can't believe how smart he's getting- he's starting to tell us words in spanish lately! Hannah is loving first grade and we couldn't be happier with her school. She had her first soccer game on Saturday and it was a lot of fun watching her and her buddies really play hard- we think they even won! And Daniel and I.....well....I guess we can sleep when we're old!

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